The Inkerman Group – Abducted Four Year Old Girl Found


The Inkerman Group has announced that their investigators have successfully found a four-year old girl who had been abducted and taken from her home to a location abroad when she was only two-years old. It took The Inkerman Group just 16 days to locate the four-year old after they were contacted by the Belgian family […]

Professional indemnity insurance – essential protection or unnecessary financial burden?

As security and investigations professionals we are in the business of selling our knowledge or skills – during the course of which many things can go wrong.  With that firmly in mind, if you follow contemporary advice, you will undoubtedly consider professional indemnity (PI) insurance a must. It is suggested, by some, that unless you […]

What effect would a licensing scheme have upon the private investigation industry?


As the call for licensing of PIs is heard from many quarters since the recent ‘phone-hacking’ scandal, questions have been raised within the PI industry itself with regard to the effectiveness and extended ramifications of any licensing system that maybe introduced for PIs.  Many seem to think that licensing will be the panacea to all […]

UK Private Investigation industry in crisis


It is common knowledge amongst Private Investigators that the UK PI industry is currently suffering problems, along with the rest of the economic world I may add.  It would appear that no industry is immune to the clutches of an economic recession. The reason, in part, is undoubtedly due to the global economic crisis – […]

FLIR System’s Inc, Thermal Imaging Camera


FLIR System’s Inc, HS-324 Command 19mm As a professional surveillance operative at one time or another your investigation will take you into places where there is a distinct lack of light, be it natural or artificial. Although there is some excellent commercial equipment out there that can handle low-light situations admirably, most of the time […]

Investigative Interviewing for the Security and Investigations Professional

investigative interviewing

Interviewing skill like many other skills is acquired through training, practice and consolidation – by repeated use of the techniques. Although private investigators regularly interview people, generally those interviews tend not to be conducted with the same formality as a police interview, especially those conducted with suspects. For one thing, the interviews are not openly […]

Sony showcases world’s first HD video recording digital binoculars


Sony has introduced two new sets of digital binoculars which have the ability to capture video and stills. It has to be said, this piece of kit has been a long time coming and could turn out to be a valuable piece of equipment to add to the arsenal of surveillance operatives. The binoculars are […]

Q&A with the SIA

On Tuesday 25 October the SIA will be hosting their next live Facebook Q&A session, focussing on your questions about their licensing process and the services they provide to you. Senior members of the Licensing and Customer Service teams will be available from 11am until 2pm to answer your questions through their Facebook page. The […]

WAPI Acquires Popular PI Forum


The World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI) announced today that it has agreed to acquire e-Legal | Gathering, a discussion forum for private investigators, legal professionals and members of the general public to network with each other, for an undisclosed sum from its owner Private Investigator Jorge Salgado-Reyes. Following the acquisition, e-Legal | Gathering will […]

PI Agent – Case Management Software

PI Agent

Looking for industry-specific software to manage your case-load? Well, take a look at this software, it could well be just what you, as a PI, are looking for. This industry specific software is called ‘PI Agent’ and was designed by licensed private investigators in the USA who are well aware of the industry needs and […]