The Virtual PI: Could the office be a thing of the past?


The traditional office is becoming an unnecessary overhead for some businesses and seems set to follow the Dodo bird into extinction. The concept that a successful private investigation business has to be a ‘bricks and mortar’ type business is continuously under challenge in this age of burgeoning internet technology. More and more investigations are being […]

How much should I charge? – Pricing for profit

Gold Sovereign

One of the burning questions on the mind of many that start up in this business is: what should I charge for my services? People that are new to business, approach the situation with little or no knowledge of what ‘profit’ is and how to generate it. Some people incorrectly see the salary that they […]

Selling the invisible: Marketing a service business


Mention the word marketing in many small business circles and immediately the thought of selling, advertising and ‘moving the product’ springs readily to mind. This common view reduces marketing to a ‘shove my product down your throat’ type exercise and invariably involves a frantic need to get the name out there by means of ads, […]

Finding your niche in a competitive industry


Many people starting out in the private investigations industry believe that the entire world is their market – as a result, they market their services with this firmly in mind. The difference in being successful or unsuccessful in this industry is based on more than being an exceptional investigator. Marketing skills, management techniques and having […]

Agent to Agent – Private investigator sub-contracting


Most private investigation agencies or companies are small; consisting of one or two investigators. There are very few of, what could be described as, large private investigation or detective agencies within the UK. Although there are many PI agencies that market themselves as providing services throughout the whole of the UK, it is a fact […]

The Accidental Salesman – Networking Survival Guide (Book Review)

the networking survival guide

Networking is an extremely effective method of building a business but it seems, despite all those breakfasts eaten and those hundreds of business cards handed out, not everyone finds success with it. So, why does business networking prove to be so unfruitful for so many people no matter how hard they work at it? Is […]

Late payment of invoices – How to encourage your clients to pay on time


Cash-flow is the back-bone of any business and one of the problems with being in business is that the work isn’t really finished until you get paid. The issue of late payment of invoices is not a new one but it is a growing problem that could spell disaster for many Private Investigation Agencies out […]

Promoting your agency with case studies

There is little doubt that everyone likes a good story and those stories directly related to fact and real-life events will always capture the interest of most. According to The Marketing Donut, an on-line marketing resource for businesses, case studies can make great promotional material for any business. However, bearing in mind the confidential nature of the […]

Blogging to market your private investigations agency


Before the advent of web 2.0 many businesses didn’t have a website. In those days building a website was no easy task. It was an expensive undertaking and was the sole domain of the professional web designer.  Things have moved on since then and now there aren’t many businesses in the market place that don’t […]