Should UK private investigators be involved in asset tracing?


Should private investigators in the UK be undertaking asset traces? Some would suggest not. Due to the constantly changing landscape in respect of restrictions on access to personal data, legally acquiring detailed, useful and thus valuable information about private citizens within the UK, is steadily becoming unsustainable. For example: discovering ownership of vehicles is of […]

Tougher penalties for corporations who hire rogue PIs


The Information Commissioner (IC), Christopher Graham, is seeking unlimited fines for companies that are discovered breaching privacy laws. A recent article in the Independent newspaper states: “small penalties and ‘good lawyers’ make current law a poor deterrent for blue chips”. Are the suggested fines truly going to be unlimited – perhaps to the point of […]

A spy in our midst – competitive intelligence or corporate espionage?

corporate spy

Industrial or corporate espionage is spying which is carried out for commercial purposes rather than the more usual reasons of national security. This type of espionage generally occurs between companies or corporations. Many people think that the world of the corporate spook is restricted to the domain of the Hollywood blockbuster film or the book […]

There’s no such thing as a free lunch…


There’s no such thing as a free lunch. That applies to most walks of life and the private investigation and information acquisition industry is no different. Good information seldom comes free and free information generally has a limited value. Many people mistake ‘publicly available information’ with ‘free information’, but there is a difference. Free information is exactly […]

Asset stealth: hiding the family silver

cayman islands

What is Asset Stealth? Asset stealth, asset protection or ‘hiding your money’ is nothing new. Taking steps to preserve your wealth is something that is probably older than the concept of money itself. It was common practice for sharecroppers during the ‘dark ages’ to hide a significant portion of their harvest to avoid some of […]

Private investigators, Criminals: What’s the difference?


Something I find really disturbing is: despite the fact that the UK government has been caught out spying on their own citizens, their own allies, and just about anyone really, the press continue to ‘bleat on’ about criminal activity carried out by Private Investigators. You would think that they would have enough of a ‘bone […]

Is the PI industry out of control?


Is our industry really out of control or are we suffering from the effects of media hype? I lament the article in today’s Daily Telegraph entitled ‘Private detectives are out of control in Britain’. Although the article, written by Jake Wallis Simons, a well-respected journalist and author, is an effective piece of persuasive writing; for me, […]

Rise in on-line crime could provide a role for private investigators

Internet crime

Figures released today by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) show the devastating impact of online crime to UK businesses. As the cost of online crime rises year on year confidence in the police’s ability to tackle e-crime is decreasing. The BRC’s Counting the Cost of E-Crime report  estimates that e-crime cost retailers £205.4 million in […]

The Deepest Darkest Part of the Web

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Anyone who conducts research online knows about deep web searches, but there is an even deeper underground of evil on the Internet and unfortunately, it isn’t so secret anymore. Anarchists, criminals and people who think it is the right of everyone to have access to certain illegal sites are providing tips on how to access […]

The professor, a fake model and a suitcase full of ‘coke’


The description of physicist Paul Frampton by his ex-wife paints a sympathetic, if somewhat comical picture of a man who now languishes in an Argentine prison on charges of drug smuggling. She told newspapers:  “He has an emotional age of three.  The only thing he understands is science.” The caricature is likely to foster sympathy […]