4 myths of process serving


In an ideal world, all parties would be served by handing them the documents, and in most cases, once confronted the subject of service will usually take the documents from the process server without too much fuss. However, some people believe they can ‘avoid’ service by not opening the door, refusing to touch the papers, […]

Process serving and self preservation


Spend long enough serving court process on people and at some point you are bound to come into contact with someone that is hell-bent on causing legal problems for you; especially if you are serving family court process. Only last week I spoke to two PIs that had served process on respondents which resulted in […]

Process serving out of jurisdiction

Part 6 Service of Documents and PD6B – Service out of the Jurisdiction Amendments are made to allow the address of a European Lawyer in a European Economic Area (EEA) state or, for a litigant in person, the litigant’s normal residence or place of business in the UK or failing that any EEA state as […]

‘Tell him I’m not in’ – Avoiding a UK process server


For some reason, the role of the Process Server within the UK for many years has been adopted by the Private Investigation industry and is considered by many PIs to be the bread and butter of the role. What is Process Serving? Process serving is the procedure employed to give legal notice to a person of […]