Tracing people through their hobbies


Not everyone can be located at their home address. If the person you are trying to find has a common name and you do not know the area which they live in, then narrowing down your search via the electoral register can seem like an impossible task. A great alternative in these cases can be […]

How to handle ‘Gone Away’ trace subjects


As a PI or tracing agent when clients contact you about tracing someone, the first question you need to ask is: “what makes you sure that the person you are trying to find has moved from their address?” Generally the answer you will get is: letters are being returned marked ‘gone away’; ‘return to sender’; […]

You can trace anyone by using the internet, right?


Tracing and research is at the heart of all investigation work. The ability to find someone is an important part of any private investigator’s toolkit. For the PI, finding people, whether they are a witness in a court case or whether it’s because they owe someone money or maybe a desperate search for a long lost family […]

Study for a BA (Hons) Security Consultant Qualification


Since SIA licensing became live in 2001, the drive to ‘professionalise’ the security industry has never been more evident. A significant amount of industry-specific courses, with anything from manned guarding to close protection courses are widely available throughout the UK, however, higher education (HE) courses and qualifications within the industry seems to be somewhat lacking, […]

Long-Range Laser Listening Device Model AA79106


At one time confined to pages of the best-selling spy novel or the realms of Hollywood fiction, the Long-Range Laser Listening Device (LRLLD) is a real piece of surveillance equipment employed by various security and intelligence agencies throughout the world. The LRLLD is a complicated piece of audio surveillance equipment that uses an invisible infra-red laser beam […]

Corporate Investigations – Developing Intelligence


The use of intelligence and intelligence gathering is not a new concept. History shows that the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu in ‘The Art of War’ written over 2,000 years ago paid particular attention to the use of spies and intelligence. Spying and intelligence gathering have been used by many Sovereign rulers over the centuries to maintain control […]

FLIR System’s Inc, Thermal Imaging Camera


FLIR System’s Inc, HS-324 Command 19mm As a professional surveillance operative at one time or another your investigation will take you into places where there is a distinct lack of light, be it natural or artificial. Although there is some excellent commercial equipment out there that can handle low-light situations admirably, most of the time […]

Investigative Interviewing for the Security and Investigations Professional

investigative interviewing

Interviewing skill like many other skills is acquired through training, practice and consolidation – by repeated use of the techniques. Although private investigators regularly interview people, generally those interviews tend not to be conducted with the same formality as a police interview, especially those conducted with suspects. For one thing, the interviews are not openly […]

Sony showcases world’s first HD video recording digital binoculars


Sony has introduced two new sets of digital binoculars which have the ability to capture video and stills. It has to be said, this piece of kit has been a long time coming and could turn out to be a valuable piece of equipment to add to the arsenal of surveillance operatives. The binoculars are […]