FLIR System’s Inc, Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR System’s Inc, HS-324 Command 19mm

As a professional surveillance operative at one time or another your investigation will take you into places where there is a distinct lack of light, be it natural or artificial.

Although there is some excellent commercial equipment out there that can handle low-light situations admirably, most of the time that same equipment is left wanting when called upon to handle the ‘no-light’ situations.

The HS-324 Command 19mm Thermal Imaging Camera is a fantastic piece of kit which would complement the equipment of any covert surveillance specialist. This unit allows operatives to see clearly in total darkness, giving them the undeniable tactical advantages enabling them to stay safe and operate effectively at night.

The H-Series provides a 320 × 240 resolution VOx microbolometer for half the cost of comparable cameras, giving operatives excellent, high-fidelity thermal imagery that provides the detail necessary for cutting edge performance and improved detection and recognition ranges in total darkness, as well as through low-visibility situations such as smoke, dust, and light fog.

See better through camouflage and foliage in any lighting conditions, because H-Series cameras see heat, not light, they’re not fooled by subjects wearing dark clothes and hiding in bushes. People can’t hide their heat, so they can’t hide from the H-Series.

See more – and see farther – than with other Night Vision technologies, because H-Series thermal cameras see clearly without any light whatsoever, they can see farther at night than technologies that need ambient light to work and they can see heat sources that these other cameras could never find.

Operatives can deploy with the latest technology at their fingertips. With a variety of lens options, on-board image and video capture capability and optional wireless transmission all built in to the camera, H-Series is the most potent imaging package available today. And now it’s affordable enough for most agencies.

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