Fraud studies – undergraduate certificate in professional development

Undergraduate Fraud Courses

The Fraud Management Studies Unit of Teesside University is developing an undergraduate programme in fraud management. This programme currently comprises a number of undergraduate Certificates in Professional Development [UCPD]. While these currently focus on specialist practitioner modules, it is intended to accredit these toward a part-time BA Hons Fraud Management in due course.

The UCPDs are:

1. UCPD Corporate Fraud Investigation – Delivered by Capita


To  develop  students’  understanding  and  compliance with legislation and procedures  governing  all  aspects  of  fraud  investigation.   To provide candidates with the skills and knowledge to examine current legislation; provide  them with the ability to conduct covert and overt surveillance and the  basis  for rigorous and ethical approaches to successful investigation and sanction/prosecution.

2. UCPD Corporate Fraud Investigation Management – Delivered by Capita


To  develop  students’  understanding  and  compliance with legislation and procedures governing, investigative interviewing to a nationally recognised model that develops best practice and communication skills, and the ability to  apply  that  knowledge  within  the  procedural  processes  relating to document preparation and witness appearances in the courts.

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3. UCPD Document Examination and handwriting Analysis – Delivered by Document Evidence Ltd


To provide students with:

  • a working knowledge of handwriting and signatures to enable informed decisions to be made about submission of case material for expert opinion. In particular, this would aim to provide a high likelihood of a useful expert result being realised. In other words, to provide an optimal screening system which ensures as far as possible that cases that are submitted for expert opinion achieve good results, and that potentially useful results are not missed by the screening out process.
  • a general working knowledge of all areas of forensic document examination; for example, printing, counterfeiting, alterations (for example use of instrumental techniques) and impressions on documents (especially ESDA), typescript, ink and paper. With such knowledge, informed decisions can be made about the capabilities of the expert forensic document examiner and their ability to potentially assist in particular enquiries.
  • the ability to apply their knowledge to their casework.

The FMSU Partners Delivering UGCPDS

CAPITA Investigation Services

Capita Investigation Services is part of Capita Group Plc, a FTSE 100 company and the UK’s foremost professional and support service organisation, providing an integrated range of services across the UK’s public and private sectors. Capita Investigation Services deliver market leading counter-fraud and economic crime management solutions to their Government and Corporate clients. These range from volume fraud management to more bespoke investigation and consultancy services. They are particularly prolific in the area of learning and professional development and are also pioneers in the harnessing of state of the art technology to combat fraud while increasing levels of service delivery to clients. An example of this is Capita’s successful deployment of Voice Stress Analysis software which combines a sophisticated voice analyzer with powerful behavioral analysis and conversation management techniques.
Capita Investigation Services has representation on several high profile counter-fraud organisations, including:

  • The Counter Fraud Professional Accreditation Board
  • The Investigator sub-group of Skills for Security
  • The North East, East Anglia, South West and North West Fraud Forums
  • The Fraud Special Interest Group of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters
  • The Insurance Fraud Investigators Group

For all inquiries about the courses, Please Contact:

John Freeman
Head of Fraud – Teceris Claims Services
Head of Fraud -Teceris Corporate and Complex Adjusting
Tel       07860 895156