Surveillance and GPS Jammers

The use of GPS trackers within the private investigation industry is extremely widespread these days and as technology moves on the cost of such equipment steadily decreases.

These excellent pieces of equipment have enabled PIs to work alone on surveillance cases making an investigation more affordable to a wider range of people.

Having said that, because of this, now more and more people as a whole are turning to the cheap technology to carry out their own investigations in an attempt to save money.

At the same time, with people becoming more and more concerned over their privacy, it would apear that the counter surveillance market is also flourishing. One gadget that seems to be gaining popularity is the GPS Jammer.

This compact little gadget is capable of blocking any GPS signals thus preventing any GPS tracking unit on your vehicle reporting your location.

Just when we thought we had it cracked, it would appear it is back to the drawing-board and back to employing trained surveillance teams to carry out covert ops.