Surveillance Tradecraft – essential reading for the professional

Surveillance Tradecraft is an excellent book on this fascinating subject which has been compiled as the ultimate training manual and reference source for the professional surveillance operative.

The author, Peter Jenkins is the director of surveillance training company ISS Training Ltd. He has been managing his own commercial and corporate investigation business in Yorkshire for the past 20 years.

Prior to this, Peter was a Royal Marine for 12 years where he specialised in various roles including reconnaissance, intelligence, counter terrorism and instructing.

Peter Jenkins continues to carry out surveillance work on a regular basis and regularly instructs on high-quality surveillance training courses for private companies, government enforcement agencies, specialist military units and close protection companies worldwide. Surveillance Tradecraft is the third book by Peter Jenkins, his other published works include ‘Covert Surveillance’ and ‘Advanced Surveillance’

This is an excellent publication and go-to reference book which comes highly recommended by numerous professional surveillance operatives and practising private investigators.

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