Should UK private investigators be involved in asset tracing?


Should private investigators in the UK be undertaking asset traces? Some would suggest not. Due to the constantly changing landscape in respect of restrictions on access to personal data, legally acquiring detailed, useful and thus valuable information about private citizens within the UK, is steadily becoming unsustainable. For example: discovering ownership of vehicles is of […]

Business Licensing – Revised Timetable


Just when you thought licensing for the private investigation industry was imminent, something happens to delay the process. As a result, we still seem to be no nearer implementing a system of regulation. The SIA released the following information on their website, which although refers to business rather than individual licensing, it shows the slow […]

Tougher penalties for corporations who hire rogue PIs


The Information Commissioner (IC), Christopher Graham, is seeking unlimited fines for companies that are discovered breaching privacy laws. A recent article in the Independent newspaper states: “small penalties and ‘good lawyers’ make current law a poor deterrent for blue chips”. Are the suggested fines truly going to be unlimited – perhaps to the point of […]

The Inkerman Group Receives Prestigious DBS Umbrella Body Accreditation

Bethany Samson, Inkerman Group Screening Manager

Inkerman Group Screening Limited has recently been awarded Umbrella Body Status by the DBS, joining the list of companies that can do Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks on behalf of businesses and organisations (formerly Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks. The DBS has very high standards and a robust process of application for this status […]

The Virtual PI: Could the office be a thing of the past?


The traditional office is becoming an unnecessary overhead for some businesses and seems set to follow the Dodo bird into extinction. The concept that a successful private investigation business has to be a ‘bricks and mortar’ type business is continuously under challenge in this age of burgeoning internet technology. More and more investigations are being […]

A spy in our midst – competitive intelligence or corporate espionage?

corporate spy

Industrial or corporate espionage is spying which is carried out for commercial purposes rather than the more usual reasons of national security. This type of espionage generally occurs between companies or corporations. Many people think that the world of the corporate spook is restricted to the domain of the Hollywood blockbuster film or the book […]

You can trace anyone by using the internet, right?


Tracing and research is at the heart of all investigation work. The ability to find someone is an important part of any private investigator’s toolkit. For the PI, finding people, whether they are a witness in a court case or whether it’s because they owe someone money or maybe a desperate search for a long lost family […]

Probe Awarded SSAIB Certificate at ABI Seminar


Probe Investigations (UK) has been presented with a coveted SSAIB Certificate at a ceremony held by the Association of British Investigators (ABI) in September 2013. The event took place at the luxurious Heritage Motor Centre in Warwickshire, where Managing Director Peter Farrington was handed the award by the SSAIB’s Brian Nuttall. Plans to regulate and […]

Study for a BA (Hons) Security Consultant Qualification


Since SIA licensing became live in 2001, the drive to ‘professionalise’ the security industry has never been more evident. A significant amount of industry-specific courses, with anything from manned guarding to close protection courses are widely available throughout the UK, however, higher education (HE) courses and qualifications within the industry seems to be somewhat lacking, […]

New society set up to improve standards for investigative interviewers in the private sector


A new professional body has been set up to establish and administer a quality standard for investigative interviewing in the private sector. The Society of Forensic Interviewers (SoFI) ( will also provide information and other services to help members improve the quality of their knowledge of and skills in investigative interviewing. The current quality of […]