Tracing people through their hobbies


Not everyone can be located at their home address. If the person you are trying to find has a common name and you do not know the area which they live in, then narrowing down your search via the electoral register can seem like an impossible task. A great alternative in these cases can be […]

New society set up to improve standards for investigative interviewers in the private sector


A new professional body has been set up to establish and administer a quality standard for investigative interviewing in the private sector. The Society of Forensic Interviewers (SoFI) ( will also provide information and other services to help members improve the quality of their knowledge of and skills in investigative interviewing. The current quality of […]

SIA News: Regulation of UK Private Investigators


We are all aware that the Government are intent on ‘forcing through’ legislation as quickly as possible in respect of regulation of the private investigation industry – despite the fact that the issue has been pressing since 2001. It appears clear now that the SIA will be charged with overseeing and enforcing the legislation, to […]

Private investigators, Criminals: What’s the difference?


Something I find really disturbing is: despite the fact that the UK government has been caught out spying on their own citizens, their own allies, and just about anyone really, the press continue to ‘bleat on’ about criminal activity carried out by Private Investigators. You would think that they would have enough of a ‘bone […]

The long hard journey to UK PI regulation

As the Home Affairs Select Committee on private investigators and the Leveson enquiry has drawn to a close, I can’t help but wonder what is now in store for this industry. A Corrupting Influence There is now chatter in respect of disallowing police officers from becoming private investigators until they have been left the service for at […]

SIA to Extend its Board


A non-executive board member to represent Northern Ireland is being sought for the SIA. The successful candidate will contribute to the overall strategic direction of the organisation. Along with other board members and the chairman, the appointee will ensure that the SIA’s executive team is held to account for discharging its duties effectively and to […]

What effect would a licensing scheme have upon the private investigation industry?


As the call for licensing of PIs is heard from many quarters since the recent ‘phone-hacking’ scandal, questions have been raised within the PI industry itself with regard to the effectiveness and extended ramifications of any licensing system that maybe introduced for PIs.  Many seem to think that licensing will be the panacea to all […]

Security chief leaves job after workers hired without clearance

The chief executive of the body in charge of handing licences to security guards and club bouncers has lost his job after some of his employees were found to be working without proper security clearance. The Security Industry Authority [SIA] had to march 38 agency workers off its property after a government investigation discovered they […]

Legal aid cuts a cause for concern

Proposed cuts to the legal aid system could leave over half of the UK law firms at present involved in publicly funded cases at risk of going out of business; according to research commissioned by the Law Society. The knock-on effect to private investigation agencies that currently specialise in legal aid support investigation work will […]

Process serving out of jurisdiction

Part 6 Service of Documents and PD6B – Service out of the Jurisdiction Amendments are made to allow the address of a European Lawyer in a European Economic Area (EEA) state or, for a litigant in person, the litigant’s normal residence or place of business in the UK or failing that any EEA state as […]