FLIR System’s Inc, Thermal Imaging Camera


FLIR System’s Inc, HS-324 Command 19mm As a professional surveillance operative at one time or another your investigation will take you into places where there is a distinct lack of light, be it natural or artificial. Although there is some excellent commercial equipment out there that can handle low-light situations admirably, most of the time […]

PI Agent – Case Management Software

PI Agent

Looking for industry-specific software to manage your case-load? Well, take a look at this software, it could well be just what you, as a PI, are looking for. This industry specific software is called ‘PI Agent’ and was designed by licensed private investigators in the USA who are well aware of the industry needs and […]

Two-way radios a must for professional surveillance ‘Ops’


When you are conducting surveillance, unless it is a one-man static OP or a lone PI following a cheating spouse, the need for good quality communications equipment is very important to the success of the operation. Many private investigation agencies rely on mobile phones to communicate and to a point they can be adequate and […]

Amanda Turner Investigations


To the onlooker she is a typical ‘thirty something’ housewife and mother but to those in the ‘know’ Mandy Turner is a top covert surveillance specialist and professional investigator providing her skills to insurance companies, businesses and private clients throughout the UK. Owner of Amanda Turner Investigations, a private investigation and surveillance specialist agency based […]

Rural surveillance – make like a tree!

ghilie suit

It seems that whenever surveillance is depicted on the TV it is always ‘urban surveillance’. People sitting in a car or hiding in a surveillance van outside some building or residence with a a flask of coffee.  But what about rural surveillance? The whole idea of surveillance is to blend in so if you are […]