Long-Range Laser Listening Device Model AA79106


At one time confined to pages of the best-selling spy novel or the realms of Hollywood fiction, the Long-Range Laser Listening Device (LRLLD) is a real piece of surveillance equipment employed by various security and intelligence agencies throughout the world. The LRLLD is a complicated piece of audio surveillance equipment that uses an invisible infra-red laser beam […]

Technical surveillance in the private sector – a question of regulation


For many years technical surveillance devices such as covert cameras, microphones and tracking devices have been used by law enforcement and security services within the United Kingdom to lawfully gather evidence and intelligence on individuals and organisations – intelligence that could not be obtained by any other means. There is no more damning evidence than […]

What does it take to be a great PI?


Investigations depend largely on the gathering and analysis of factual information. This gathering of Information is the main purpose of an investigation and it is a fact that no case could be solved, no assets recovered or missing person located without the investigator or detective successfully gathering information. There are many skills required in order […]

FLIR System’s Inc, Thermal Imaging Camera


FLIR System’s Inc, HS-324 Command 19mm As a professional surveillance operative at one time or another your investigation will take you into places where there is a distinct lack of light, be it natural or artificial. Although there is some excellent commercial equipment out there that can handle low-light situations admirably, most of the time […]

Sony showcases world’s first HD video recording digital binoculars


Sony has introduced two new sets of digital binoculars which have the ability to capture video and stills. It has to be said, this piece of kit has been a long time coming and could turn out to be a valuable piece of equipment to add to the arsenal of surveillance operatives. The binoculars are […]

Is My Cell Phone Bugged? Everything you need to know to keep your mobile conversations private

is my cell-phone bugged

A very topical subject of late is the security of mobile phones and mobile phone voice-mail etc. In this modern technological age when almost everyone has mobile phone service, text messages and email tapping and electronic surveillance are a wide-spread problem that requires personal attention. It would appear that nobody is safe; everyone’s privacy and […]

Two-way radios a must for professional surveillance ‘Ops’


When you are conducting surveillance, unless it is a one-man static OP or a lone PI following a cheating spouse, the need for good quality communications equipment is very important to the success of the operation. Many private investigation agencies rely on mobile phones to communicate and to a point they can be adequate and […]

Remote pan and tilt power head for video and stills cameras


This is a useful piece of equipment it is ideal for still cameras as well as all handheld camcorders that weigh less than 2.7kg. The Power Head can be attached to any tripod or to any mounting device that has a standard ¼”-20 mounting screw. The unit is battery operated with a wired remote control […]

Amanda Turner Investigations


To the onlooker she is a typical ‘thirty something’ housewife and mother but to those in the ‘know’ Mandy Turner is a top covert surveillance specialist and professional investigator providing her skills to insurance companies, businesses and private clients throughout the UK. Owner of Amanda Turner Investigations, a private investigation and surveillance specialist agency based […]

Surveillance Tradecraft – essential reading for the professional

surveillance tradcraft

Surveillance Tradecraft is an excellent book on this fascinating subject which has been compiled as the ultimate training manual and reference source for the professional surveillance operative. The author, Peter Jenkins is the director of surveillance training company ISS Training Ltd. He has been managing his own commercial and corporate investigation business in Yorkshire for the past […]