The Tweeting PI – Using Twitter to promote your private investigation business

Twitter is a micro blogging networking application that was originally intended for social networking and has been around now for a number of years. However, like Facebook; as well as being widely used for social reasons, Twitter has been commandeered by internet marketing experts and businesses and is now also used as a medium for promoting and marketing businesses on-line.

Twitter for Business

There is a huge amount of information around on how we should be using Twitter in business. All you need to do is to input ‘Using Twitter for Business’ as a text- string into the search engines and you will be presented with a ton of information on how to use Twitter effectively for business.

Follow Me!

One principle you would do well to take on board is that, in order to promote or market your business effectively with Twitter, you need followers. There’s really no point in using Twitter if there is no one reading what you tweet.  Makes sense doesn’t it?

So, how do you get people to follow you?

Well, usually if you follow people they will generally follow you back. But firstly, people must have an interest in what you have to tweet about or they are unlikely to follow you back.

What the Gurus Say!

The Twitter Gurus will tell you that Twitter shouldn’t always be about YOU or YOUR business. I agree totally, but let’s face it; in reality the reason businesses are spending their valuable time using Twitter is that they are trying to promote THEIR business. Generally they give little thought to anything apart from THEIR own business.

Constant Self-Promotion

I venture to suggest that many of the Business Twitter users out there very rarely read anyone else’s tweets or links to their blogs unless THEY are mentioned in the tweet or their tweets are being re-tweeted or there is something in it for their business. Instead they concentrate on tweeting about themselves and their business, more often than not, using automated tweeting programmes. I know this as I see it every day and once you have been using Twitter for a while you will see it too.

How Can I Build-up a Genuine Following?

Like any other social interaction whether on-line or off-line, it is imperative that you foster genuine relationships that are built on trust, mutual respect and reciprocal behaviour. Building effective and lasting trusting human relationships takes time and effort (more time and effort than many are prepared to give). There are a number of things that you can do to build the right kind of following, two very important things are:

  • Be useful to others by providing constructive information or insights
  • Promote others as well as promoting yourself (endeavour to be what Chris Brogan calls a ‘trust agent’).

Good luck with your business tweeting!